Your company is recruiting, but you are not God

I have few things to say about Nigerian HRs and senior managers generally, including startup founders. Firstly, you are recruiting for skills and talents that you lack/need. So, let’s talk.

1. Stick to time.

I have heard stories where candidates come at stated time and rather than address them and apologize for being behind schedule, you will be forming ‘it is part of the test’, are you testing for perseverance? Come on! Whenever I am part of a recruiting team, I ensure we stick to time or in most cases I go downstairs and apologize to them because they are humans too.

2. Be at your best behavior as a company.

When you are interviewing people have it at the back of your mind that your company is also being assessed by the candidates. Dress well too, speak softly and with courtesy, don’t shout at that security man just because you want to be feared. The candidates are also ‘sizing you up’.

3. Don’t ask stupid questions.

Yes! Don’t ask why a lady at 34 is ‘still’ single, it is not your business. Don’t ask for their political/religious views. Give them an opportunity to ask questions and answer them to the best of your ability.

4. Give Feedback!

I always insist messages are sent to candidates to know the outcome of their interview; it is common courtesy. Stop leaving people hanging, let them know their fate.

Finally, be of good cheer and be respectful to your candidates, they are looking for better employment ‘dem no kill person’. Give them the best experience they can have, even when they don’t get the job, the good impression will remain with them for a long time.

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